This Thursday, María Fernanda Espinosa will have the honor of participating in a conversation at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she will speak about the future of the OAS and the approach the organization should have during the next five years to face the hemispheric challenges that the region faces.

At the event, Maria Fernanda stated that “now more than ever, we need a dynamic, modern and effective organization that responds to contemporary challenges“. The OAS cannot be absent from the great current debates such as inequality and climate change.

We are at a tipping point where either we advance on the politics of indecency and lack of transparency, or we actually take a turn for new leadership that offers to speak out and respect the law. It is time to address the disconnect between the cycles and times of nature and the times of decision-making in politics.

The organization of American States must address hemispheric challenges through consensus and dialogue among member states. A consensual, shared and coordinated response will always bring better results for the Americas and the Caribbean.

In addition to all these issues, Maria Fernanda has emphasized that this can be the five-year period for women in the OAS. The candidate has shown her commitment to work together to build an OAS with a positive agenda and one that supports the equality and empowerment of women in the Americas and the Caribbean.

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