Humanity’s growing concern with curbing plastic pollution is gaining momentum. Many countries around the world have begun to implement measures to reduce and even eliminate single-use plastics. These measures have taken the form of legislative actions to regulate the use and production of plastics, economic incentives, regulations in the industry for environmental responsibility, and education for civil society to improve their consumption habits. 

However, the efforts of the different nations are not enough to slow down the degree of plastic pollution the world is facing. There is still much to be done to address this crisis.

In this sense, we citizens have a duty to participate in the effort to achieve a plastic-free world, and we must educate ourselves and improve our consumption habits to do so. Fortunately, today it is easier for everyone to have access to plastic alternatives; this is partly thanks to technology and the innovative and creative solutions of those who are trying to change the world. 

One of the contemporary alternatives that have caught my attention has been Ooho, a completely edible “bottle” of water. It sounds like something from the future, but the creators of Ooho have managed to attract the world’s attention thanks to their innovative solution, which offers an alternative to a product that we all consume daily. It consists of water spherified in a bubble wrapped in a 100% compostable algae membrane. The most promising aspect of this alternative is that manufacturers claim that it is more economical than a plastic water bottle.

Source: World Economic Forum

Moreover, Ohoo manufacturers, NOTPLA, are not satisfied with this solution but are working on creating advanced packaging solutions for different products, not only for water. I am confident that ventures like NOTPLA will be well received in society and will continue to work in this direction, as they represent an opportunity towards a future that is 100% free of single-use plastics. 

To learn more about NOTPLA visit their website: 

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