In Latin America there are great opportunities, but a strong regional integration process is needed,” says María Fernanda Espinosa, president of the United Nations General Assembly, in Interview, of RT.

The president of the UN General Assembly, the Ecuadorian María Fernanda Espinosa, says that in recent years in Latin America there have been “worrying” political trials, as in the cases of Lula da Silva in Brazil, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Argentina or Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

For this woman, “political persecution is not acceptable”, because “one thing is that Justice operates with total neutrality and independence” and another that is used as “a tool of politics” in order to eliminate potential rivals.

Espinosa, former Foreign Minister of Ecuador, believes that politics must be governed by fair play and democratic norms without misuse of Justice, because these situations deteriorate the institutionality and democracy of a country.

Latin America has long suffered «a weakening of regional integration spaces», such as the disintegration of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). This diplomat believes that this means “a loss” in a region that offers “great opportunities” but, in order for them to “bear fruit”, they need “a strong process” of integration.

Source: RT

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