Last Sunday, March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day. Thousands of women around the world participated in mass demonstrations, gatherings and events, all with a common goal: to defend women’s rights and affirm the conviction in the struggle for full equality.

Every year women go out to claim their rights, but this Sunday women really came together, sharing with the world a powerful statement of their commitment and passion to advance the fight for equality.

Thousands of organizations and companies joined in solidarity with this struggle, creating campaigns for women’s empowerment that proved to be not only creative, but also effective in drawing the attention of millions of people with a real concern for the challenges that women face in every corner of the world.

I share with you some of the campaigns and initiatives that attracted the most attention this year:

1 | “Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights for an equal future”

The United Nations (UN) actively participated through a new multi-generational campaign: “Generation Equality: Realizing women’s rights for an equal future.” Generation Equality is a campaign that seeks to include the new generations of activists in the struggle to defend women’s rights, so that together with the pioneers and visionaries of the world, they can work on achieving gender equality.

2 | #EachforEqual

#EachforEqual was the official motto of International Women’s Day. The theme of this years campaign is the power of collective individualism. The campaign focuses on the notion that our individual actions every day can make a difference, and that each of us can do our part to collectively achieve gender equality globally. Thanks to this initiative millions of people around the world joined the fight for equality, uploading an image of themselves into their social networks in the form of the equal sign. 

3 | “Because She Watched”

Netflix joined forces with UN Women to create a campaign called “Because She Watched”. The campaign focused on highlighting women’s roles hrough the launch of a special selection of series, films, and documentaries to celebrate Women’s Day and recognize the hard work that women have put into the fight for equality.

4 | #NoSoyUnObjeto

This campaign started in Colombia thanks to the Juan Felipe Gómez Foundation (Fundación Juanfe). The campaign invited women to write on a mirror “#NoSoyUnObjeto“ (I’m not an object), using a green lipstick, and then share it on social networks. This campaign seeks to break the stereotypes that women face on a daily basis and end the discrimination and violence suffered by girls and women in Colombia and the world.

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