Summary of Maria Fernanda Espinosa's term as President of the United Nations General Assembly 2018-2019

On June 5, 2018 Maria Fernanda Espinosa was elected as the fourth woman president of the United Nations General Assembly (first woman from Latin America and the Caribbean) to preside over this body since its founding in 1945. A total of 138 States, out of the 193 that make up the United Nations, voted for the candidacy of María Fernanda Espinosa, who won the recognition and support of all States throughout her administration.Began tenure here with the motto of “Making the UN Relevant for All” as an axis for strategy and contributions to strengthen multilateralism, thus endowing its most significant embodiment, the United Nations, with a greater presence amongst the global citizenry.

The session under the coordination of President Espinosa covered the negotiation and approval of 341 resolutions related to peace and security, the environment and climate change, human rights, sustainable development, financing for development, south-south cooperation, gender equality, migration and refugees, among other globally relevant topics. In parallel, Espinosa organized her agenda around seven global priorities for the organization: decent work, migration and refugees, environmental action and climate change, revitalization of the United Nations, youth, peace and security, gender equality and the rights of persons with disabilities.

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